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What is Swing Dancing?

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Swing Dance Classes in Sydney

Miss Peaches (in the function room)
201 Missenden Rd
above the Marlbourgh Hotel

Sharon and Nathan
Swing –  Starting Thursday 15th Jan
Beginners…… 6.30pm $14
Intermediate… 7.30pm $16

*Dance Class Fees for all styles
Beginners $14 per class Intermediate $16 per class.

What is Swing Dancing?

Watch some examples on video
Swingtime Australia is Sydney’s specialists when it comes to Swing dancing. Swing dancing originated in the late 1930s and reached it’s peak in the 1940s with Big Bands led by Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, and Count Basie. These Bands had the lads jumping and jiving in dance halls across the world.

Dance halls were the night clubs of the day and many had more than 1000 people swing dancing most nights of the week! To name a few, The Savoy Ballroom, The Cotton Club and The Trocadero are some of the legendary dance halls where Swing reigned supreme!!

Although the classic 40s era may be over, the music, dancing and fashion still lives on today! Some old timers even say that there are more people swing dancing worldwide today than back in the 40s. Neo-swing artists, such as Royal Crown Revue, Cherry Poppin Daddies and Michael Buble, have Swing music still hitting the charts today!

Swingtime Australia specialise in teaching Lindy Hop (the most popular style of Swing dancing) as well as other styles like Collegiate Shag, St Louis Shag and Balboa. Whether you want to simply learn the ropes to Swing dancing or want to go all the way and become an advanced swing dancer, we can take you there.

See time table above for classes near you

Our Beginner dance classes are run in a six week cycle which cover the six count and eight count Lindy Hop basics. Our Intermediate and Advanced classes also run on a six week course and build on what was taught in the Beginner classes.We also run and promote many Swing events across Sydney on a regular basis.